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  Luis Royo Spotlight

Reimu Hakurei Wallpapers of Caidychen. he next anime wallpaper is among the earliest works of Caidychen.



  An army of Chibbies

I am gathering an army of chibbies, who is with me. Give me your Chibbies and send them to war!


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  Do not Watch

Seen Horrible Shows in my life but nothing like this one.The anime shows you do not want to see this  season.        


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  Become Hatsune Miku

How to build a Hatsune miku costume from scratch. Using things you find at any store. 


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HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD SEASON 2 OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Unfortunately folks the show got canceled. The new season was postponed indefinitely after an announcement made last year making the promises to expand the show for ....
Midai Miki Comes to Anime Kida as Masaki Okada : The anime show is not even over and it already got a spinoff. This is going to be a huge trainreck but as usual I'll be sure to have it on anime kida, oh well if you like Midai Miki and asian drama ....
anime episodes Anime Social : Mark Sukemberg is going to have my head for this lol. I "borrowed" their facebook open source API and created my own version of facebook for anime kida with the help of that cow software things. Be sure to join and do all that facebook anime thing lol.
New to Anime Kida: Just got the rights to a bunch of shows for anime kida, we have Deadman wonderland, C3 and a bunch of other shows, read all about it or just watch the anime fun. Be sure to say hi to /r/pokemon on reddit I evolved.
Picture of the Day : My newest Blog Picture of the day now on Anime Pulse . Oh yea before I forget We also have a new forum and a bunch of new features and games be sure to check out Anime Kida Vr. 3.0 Oh and please be sure to share our site with your friends. I want to quit my job at target and I cant do that unless Anime Kida makes money lol.

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